Frequently asked questions

How do I get math help?

Come to office hours at lunch in room 206 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday JCYC Room 324 After School Daily

Can I use a device different than the Chrombook and the iPad the distct gave me during math class?.

It depends. Are you able to do all of the things for class that your iPad and Chrombook can do? Then yes. If you can't do everything you need to do for math class, then you may use use two devices druing class. 1. Your district iPad or Chromebook 2. Your second device SFUSD can only provide tech support for district issued devices. Your district issued device is configured so that you can the academic work required for you classes.

Do I have math homework tonight?

Yes. Every nIght. You can find 8th grade assignements HERE. You can find 7th grade assignements HERE .

What is the best way to reach you?

The best way to reach me is through text via the app REMIND. You can send messages in almost any language. PARENTS - Go to the CONTACT page for more information on how to sign up. STUDENT - Go to the LOGIN CODES page for more information on how to sign up.

What are the five dividers for my binder?

  1. Classwork

  2. Homewrok

  3. Exams

  4. Notes

  5. Information

What papers go in my folder?  What papers go into my binder?

You can put ALL of your papers in your binder. The folder is usefull if you are in a hurry OR if you just want to take home a few papers and not your whole bnder.

Where can I get a copy of handouts if I was absent?

Your group's Facilitator would have put copies of the handouts in your group's Absent Student Folder. They will give you your copies the day you return to class. You can also print out a copy of any handouts. Use the links on the on 7TH ASSIGNMENTS OR 8TH ASSIGNMENTS page.

Do I need to bring my iPad everyday?

Yes. Please bring your charged iPad daily.

Can I redo assignments and turn in late work?

Yes. You turn in redone assignments and late work from the Unit we are currently in for REDUCED CREDIT until the day of the Unit Test. After the Unit Test, you must have a parent or guardian signature to turn in any redo or late work from previous units.

Can I reatake exams to get a better grade?

Yes. You may retake any exams after completing ALL of the EXAM CORRECTIONS. This is to ensure you are ready to pass the test the next time. Exam Corrections check points can be stamped by either Ms. Abernethy or a Peer Tutor.