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February 1, 2021 Parent Information

Updated: Apr 23


Happy Black History Month!

QUOTE “You don't fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity.” - Bobby Seale


Is your student having trouble logging into Zoom?

Students should follow the 3 steps:

1) open up their sfusd email and leave the tab/window open

2) open a new tab/window and go to , leave the tab/window open

3) open up a new tab with the meeting link and then click on it.


If you are behind, follow these three steps to catch up:

  • 1. Do the work due today. It is under TO DO on the Daily Slide.

  • 2. Do missing assessments OR assessments with scores below 70%

  • 3. Do make up work on the weekends OR if you have have time during the week.

FOCUS - This week we are focussing on multiple representations of proportional relationships in 7th grade and multiple representations of linear equations in 8th grade.

NOTE - If you complete a late assignment OR you redo an assignment with a low score, remember to hit “ RE-SUBMIT” so I see the assignment

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