1. How to use the toolbar in Zoom

  2. How to Share Screen on the iPad and the CHROMEBOOK  and More tips on how to Share Screen

  3. How to use the Daily Slides is class each day - under construction

  4. How to Screenshot Google Slides

  5. Student Guide to Google Classroom

  6. Seesaw Tutorial For Students

  7. How to use

  8. Introduction to the Desmos Scientific Calculator

  9. Introduction to the Desmos Graphing Calculator

  10. How to find your Missing Assignments in Google Classroom - under construction

  11. Please use Google Hangouts for all communication with Ms. Abernethy

  12. How to Turn in an assignment in google classroom with a file attached

  13. Fill out the Abernethy TECH INTAKE form if your need help with tech or you need a hotspot.

  14. You can use TWO devices during Zoom. Please sign in twice. Once on each device.

  15. You can get a free hotspot if you have an SFUSD chromebook. Please contact Mr. Yarrington at yarringtonb@sfusd.ed for more information.

  16. If you need a new device you can fill out an SFUSD tech form online OR you can let Ms. Abernethy or Mr. Yarrington know at

  17. We will most likely be using devices for in person school next year instead of paper. Please learn all you can about using tech.  Review these Math Class TECH TIPS

  18. TECH  Explore these  Virtual Math Manipulatives