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School Supplies

Come to Math Class Study Hall On Tuesdays or Fridays at Lunch

JCYC at Denman is an AWESOME program and has provides help for students in all subjects. HERE is the application form.


The CalTeach program is a teaching credential program for STEM majors at UC Berkeley.


In an effort to meet the needs many families currently have while they are at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering free virtual tutoring this Fall through the STEM Ambassador Enrichment Program. We would now like to support you this fall by providing

K-8 remote tutoring to any child/student you may have.

Our CalTeach students, known as STEM Ambassadors, typically perform fieldwork in local schools to hone their skills. However, due to full or partial school closures this is unable to happen. This enrichment program is not only intended to support the families of students in need of STEM (Math/Science) Tutoring (1 Hour) Weekly, but it will simultaneously give our students the opportunity to put what they are learning into practice.

Thank you for your interest in participating with this program and supporting the educational outcomes of CalTeach students. 

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